Monday, December 14, 2015

Winter Wonderland party 2008

Hey everyone its the holiday season! I'm sure all the fairies out there remember those times in pixie hollow! The first winter wonderland party was held in December of 2008. It ran through the 22nd through January 4th.

It was first announced on the main log in page under events.

When you logged on you were greeted by an announcement!

If you went to Snowcap Glade and clicked on the badge you got it!

Here is a closer look at it.

Here is the spot you had to click to get the badge.

After you got it.

There was also a seasonal quest "Cold Days,Warm Hearts" for all fairies, if you went to Silvermist's grotto you could complete it for a special reward.

The reward was the snowflake blue snow blanket.

Here are the decorations that were in Evergreen Overlook.

Some more decorations in that meadow..

Here are the decorations in Snowcap Glade.

As you can see it was a great time in the hollow! It was a lot of fun. 

Our Furniture Spotlight of the Month is the Bubble Blue Posy Pillow!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Animal Masquerade 2008

Autumn was always a flitterific time in pixie hollow!! The changing of the season meant many things. New fashions, dyes, furniture items, badges, quests, and events. But in 2008, a few months after the official opening of Pixie Hollow there was a party to celebrate the animals. Pixie Hollows version of Halloween. 

 This fun event first came to fairies attention in Never News of late October. That would be 6 years ago yesterday.

The details were released later in Pixie Postings....The Ball ran for about 4 days.

When you entered the game you were greeted by a cheerful announcement.

Here are the decorations that were placed in the brand new meadow named Acorn Summit.

This small mushroom table was also in the meadow, and if you clicked the chipmunk ears...

You were awarded these adorable chipmunk ears!!!

Here is what they looked like on your fairy! 

 And when you put then on you were awarded a nice new badge!!

These were for sale for ALL fairies in the new shop Summit Style and could be purchased for Raspberries.

Here is a look at Acorn Summit.

Fawn visited briefly too..

Our furniture spotlight this time is Autumn Harvest Bag first released in 2012.


Friday, September 11, 2015

The Berry Harvest Festival 2008

Hey everyone!!! With autumn right around the corner I thought we could dive into some fun events of the past! The Berry Harvest festival began before pixie hollow had even offically opened!

            It all began with a cheerful announcement in the seasonal scoop part of pixie postings.

This announcement was visible when you went to log into your account! On the main login page! You only had 3 days to get this badge and donate berries. Plus if you wanted those slippers you just 
had to login as well.


The two kinds of berries that were able to be collected and donated were blueberries and raspberries. If you donated berries during the season of autumn.

They didn't release these badges in the later years sadly.

If you did in fact collect 10 of any berry you were rewarded with this splendid badge!

 Also if you logged in during the harvest festival you were rewarded with these nice violet sparkle slippers.

Our furniture spotlight is the iconic feature of many animal talent homes the Pollen Carrier Collection.


Monday, July 20, 2015

The Fairy Friendship Festival 2009

Hey everyone let's take a moment to remember the fairy friendship festival! First started in Febraury 2009 between 12th and the 20th.

There were fancy decorations in Acorn Summit, Evergreen Overlook, and Treetop Bend.

The decorations in Evergreen Overlook.

Treetop Bend!

And Acorn Summit. Now to earn the fairy friendship badge you had to just make a new friend to get this lovely badge.

There was also a quest given by tinkerbell, called Fairy Friends Forever and when you completed it you got a very cool lamp!

There was also many snazy outfits to buy as well!

You could also get a bracelet in various colors.

There was also famous fairy visits too!!

Our furniture spolight is the Cornflower blue popcorn bowl!!